Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle

Paperback Published on: 05/03/2009
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Howl’s Moving Castle
Howl's Moving Castle
Howl's Moving Castle is an enchanting fairytale with a healthy dose of post-modern cynicism and wonderful humour thrown in. Sophie, expert hat-maker and th... READ MORE
Erin Britton
Howl’s Moving Castle
A magical story
This is a wonderful story that has been adapted into an amazing film by Studio Ghilbi. It tells the story of a young girl who manages to cross the wrong wi... READ MORE
Howl’s Moving Castle
Magically moving...see what i did there?
Sophie Hatter has the misfortune of being the eldest of three sisters, destined to fail miserably if she was ever to seek her fortune. News begins to sprea... READ MORE
Sinead at Clapham Junction
Howl’s Moving Castle
Howl ate my heart!
I love the Studio Ghibli movie Howl's Moving Castle and I've always wanted to read the book, so now I had the excuse to and I 'm, so glad that I did! It w... READ MORE
Anna at Bluewater


In this beloved modern classic, young Sophie Hatter from the land of Ingary catches the unwelcome attention of the Witch of the Waste and is put under a spell...

Deciding she has nothing more to lose, Sophie makes her way to the moving castle that hovers on the hills above her town, Market Chipping. But the castle belongs to the dreaded Wizard Howl, whose appetite, they say, is satisfied only by the souls of young girls...

There Sophie meets Michael, Howl's apprentice, and Calcifer the fire demon, with whom she agrees a pact. Her entanglements with Calcifer, Howl and Michael and her quest to break her curse come alive with Diana Wynne Jones's unique combination of magic, humour and imagination.

  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • ISBN: 9780007299263
  • Number of pages: 320
  • Weight: 230g
  • Dimensions: 198 x 129 x 20 mm

Customer Reviews

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Howl’s Moving Castle
Not great
I had heard a lot of things about this book, I'd seen a lot of fan art and I was looking forward to seeing the movie but reading it was something else. It ... READ MORE
Howl’s Moving Castle
Howl's Moving Castle
A brilliant story, one that if i had to put it down it was very quickly in my hands again. it is completely incomparable to the Ghibli film with both a ver... READ MORE
on the down
Howl’s Moving Castle
It's a good book
I actually saw the movie for this book before I read it. The actual story is shockingly different from the movie version. There are some things I liked in ... READ MORE
Howl’s Moving Castle
superior writing
As always Diana Wynne Jones delivers what she promises with the title of this book. Her characters are well rounded and interact with each other beautifull... READ MORE
Howl’s Moving Castle
An amazing story of fantasy and witches and wizards. The characters are amazing written and each so different from each other. Set in another world, it rea... READ MORE
Howl’s Moving Castle
Howl's Moving Castle
I thought it was a very well written novel. After seeing the movie i was intrugued to see if the book was better. It Was! It has so much more detail and re... READ MORE
Emily Sewell
Howl’s Moving Castle
Great Book!
I saw the Ghibli movie before I read this, but I love the differences between the two. If the movie was a carbon-copy of the book, it wouldn't be much fun,... READ MORE
Howl’s Moving Castle
A hilarious and whimsical mystery!
A really nice, whimsical story (I love some WHIMSY in my books) with bright, often hilarious characters, a bit of a mystery wrapped within the plot, and a ... READ MORE
Howl’s Moving Castle
I have discovered Dianne Wynne Jones only recently but I am loving her books. This is the most fun I have had since I read The Wee Free Men. Anyone who lov... READ MORE
Amanda Thomas
Howl’s Moving Castle
Great fantasy adventure
I absolutely loved this book. It has romance, adventure and magic - what more could you want from a story? I also really loved the fact that it's not part ... READ MORE
Claire Jobling
Howl’s Moving Castle
This Book Is My Life!
I cannot express how much I LOVE this book! :D I first discovered it after watching the Studio Ghibli anime (which is so perfect I would advise every singl... READ MORE
Howl’s Moving Castle
Must read!!
Definitely a must read, this is a book that goes beyond ages, it doesn't matter of you're young or old I garrentee it'll be a wonderful read full of laughs
Marc Rose
Howl’s Moving Castle
A wonderful recommendation
Howls Moving Castle By Diana Wynne Jones ⭐️4 I went into this book not really expecting anything spectacular or imagination provoking....but I was s... READ MORE
Nicola Hardy
Howl’s Moving Castle
A whimsical and delightful story
Being a lover of the 2004 animated film by studio, Ghibli, I was hesitant to read the book. Diana Wynne Jones's writing is captivating in this delightfull... READ MORE
Siani Proctor
Howl’s Moving Castle
Favourite Book of All Time
A re read of my absolute favourite novel. Just as captivating, witty and entertaining as the first time I read it, as I’m sure it will be the eventual next... READ MORE
Howl’s Moving Castle
Definitely a favourite
One of my favourite differences between the book and the movie is that the movie is from howls perspective whereas the book is from Sophie's perspective an... READ MORE
Faith Bradshaw